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AsThis Website and Product Copyright

AsThis official website is http://asthis.net, of the products is AsThis product developers, independent with AsThis products copyright in accordance with the law.

AsThis' copyright law and international convention for the protection of all products. Users: whatever individual or organization, profit or not, purpose (including for the purpose of study and research), all needs to carefully read this agreement, in understanding, agreed to, and abide by all the terms of this agreement, may begin to use AsThis products. This license agreement applies to any product, thereby AsThis to the interpretation of this license agreement.

License agreements

You can within the scope of the agreement rules and restrictions on modification of AsThis product source code (if provided) or interface style to meet the requirements for your web site.

All you have to use the software to build the site in the ownership of the membership information, articles, and related information, and independently associated with content of legal obligation.

Authorization after the business, you can use this software is applied to the business purpose, at the same time, according to the purchase authorization type identified in the way of technical support period, technical support and technical support, since buying time, during the term of technical support with by specifying a way to obtain technical support services within the specified range. Business authorized users reflect and put forward the opinions of rights, relevant opinions will be a top priority, but no promises or guarantees must be adopted.

Constraints and restrictions set forth in the agreement

Before did not get a business license, this software may not be used for commercial purposes (including but not limited to, corporate websites, business-related website, in order to profit is a mesh or profitable website). Reference related instructions to buy commercial license please go to http://asthis.net.

Associated with the business license shall be made to this software or for rental, sale, mortgage or issuing license.

Anyway, that is, no matter what purpose, whether modified or beautification, modify how, as long as you use as the whole or any part of the product, without the written permission of AsThis product name of the web page in the footer and http://asthis.net links must be reserved, but cannot remove or modify, unless you AsThis authorized permission.

Banned in AsThis's products to develop on the basis of the whole or any part of any derived version, version used to redistribute modified versions or a third party.

If you fail to comply with the provisions of this agreement, your authorization will be terminated, the licensee's rights will be retrieved, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Limited warranty and disclaimers

AsThis's product and the attached file as the compensation does not provide any explicit or implicit or guarantees provided.

User voluntary and use of this product, you must understand the risk of using this product, before has not purchase products technical services, we will not provide any form of technical support, use guarantee, also does not undertake any problems as a result of using this product related responsibilities.

AsThis does not use the software to build the responsibility articles or information on the website.

On the end user license agreement, AsThis products details of the business license and technical service, are supplied by the exclusive AsThis's official website. AsThis has under the condition of without prior notice, modify the license agreement and the power of the service price list, the revised agreement or price list for the change to take effect from the date of the new authorized user.

Electronic text form of authorization agreement like the book agreement signed face to face, with full and equal legal effect. Once you start the installation products, thereby shall be deemed to have been fully understand and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, and power, at the same time enjoy the above terms granted by the relevant constraints and restrictions. License agreements beyond the behavior, will direct violation of this license agreement and an infringement, we shall have the right to terminate the authorization, shall be ordered to stop the damage, and maintain the related responsibility of power.

Agreement to release time: on November 30, 2012 version update: August 25, 2013

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